Mystico the Magnificent Mentalist!

Mar 2, 201658 minutes

Season 2, Episode 8: Mystico the Magnificent Mentalist!

Written and Directed by Ryan Cassavaugh!

Garvman Goodrick is a circus illusionist and mentalist, who gets caught up with globe-trotting adventurer Rosemary Darwin and a mystical idol and discovers his supernatural abilities to become Mystico the Magnificent Mentalist! Joined by his circus friends, they must face the mysterious evil of The Boman Kahn! Ancient gods will awaken, soup will be sold, and eerie adventure will be had!

Featured cast: Ben Sevilla as Garvman Goodrick; Sadie Cassavaugh as Rosemary Darwin and Mme. Blavatsky; Ryan Lawrence Flynn as Doc, Vladimir, and Archimedes Darwin; Marya Cline as Athena the Strongest Woman in the World; Keith Suta as Roger, Mr. Gregor, Thomas Jefferson, and the Button Soups Commercial Man; Wren Goodman as Gladys the Volunteer and the Button Soups Commercial Woman; Ryan Cassavaugh as the Narrator and Button Gwinett; and Christian McDanlel as Sven the Goon, the Barker, the Banker, Announcer, George Washington and the Cow! Sound effects by Marya Cline and Wren Goodman! Music by The Fleet Street Klezmer Band!

Recorded live at Bozeman, Montana's Equinox Theatre (now known as the Verge Theater) on July 21, 2012! What you hear is what the audience heard that night with no overdubs and minimal post-production to try to make it comfortable to your ears! In this second season, we began to make our move to entirely live sound effects and this episode contains digital effects supplemented by analog sounds!

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