The Curious Case of the Clockwork Killer!

Jun 8, 201661 minutes

Season 3, Episode 6: "The Curious Case of the Clockwork Killer!"

A Steampunk Adventure written and directed by Keith Suta!

Inventress/Adventuress Divinia Von Presterton and Lord Tiberius Q. Briathwaite have put aside their differences when they are called in to help the greatest living detective, Sherlock Holmes, get to the bottom of a mysterious automaton killing everyone in Paris named Pierre! Soon they'll face off against Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and a new villain bent on destroying the world!

Featuring: Sarah Suta as Divinia Von Presterton; Robert Dalton as Lord Tiberious Q. Braithwaite and Pierre Bonnard; Shayna Gibson as Marie Curie, the Nurse and the Secretary; Ryan Lawrence Flynn as Sherlock Holmes and Francois; Keith Suta as Mr. Announcer, Pierre Le Fou; Dr. Hetzel and Thomas Edison; Christian McDaniel as Henry Ford, the Gendarme, Preston von Presterton, Speedy Burnsfuel, Rasputin and the Clockwork Killer! Music and sound effects by Marya Cline and Wren Goodman!

Recorded live at Bozeman, Montana's Verge Theater on July 20, 2013! What you hear is what the audience heard with no overdubs and minimal post-production on volume to try to make it comfortable to your ears! As of this third season, all sound effects are analog and executed live by our fantastic performers!

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