The Time Cabinet of Professor Darwin: The Liberty Gambit!

Aug 31, 201651 minutes

Season 4, Episode 4: "The Time Cabinet of Professor Darwin: The Liberty Gambit!"

An Alternate Historic Adventure written and directed by Ryan Cassavaugh!

Professor Archimedes Darwin has spun off into his own adventure as he constructs a time traveling cabinet (smaller on the inside) and sets off to witness the revolutionary war! Unfortunately, it turns out the Third Reich had the same idea! Now Prof. Darwin and his companions must join forces with Benjamin Franklin and the Founding Fathers to fight the USA's greatest enemy again for the first time!

Featuring: Ryan Lawrence Flynn as Professor Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, and Mr. Maxwell; Sadie Cassavaugh as Rosemary Darwin, Madame X, and Janet; Pol Llovet as Roger and Josiah Bartlett; Owen Burroughs as Percy Wheelwright; Ryan Cassavaugh as Button Gwinett, Bob, Captain Pine, and the Announcer; and Christian McDaniel as Boris, Gruber, and Thomas Jefferson! Sound effects by Wren Goodman and Ty Gardner! Original music written and performed by Deborah Schuerr!

Recorded live at Bozeman, Montana's Verge Theater on July 5, 2014! What you hear is what the audience heard with no overdubs and minimal post-production on volume to try to make it comfortable to your ears!

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