Betsy McGuyver: Nazi Puncher!

Jan 19, 201652 minutes

Season 2, Episode 5: Betsy McGuyver: Nazi Puncher!

A Well-Manicured Two-Fisted Adventure Tale written and directed by Keith Suta!

1941 was a time of strife, of war and battles, of great deeds and great sacrifices. But not for Betsy McGuyver -- consigned to cleaning pottery shards in the basement of the New York Museum of Antiquities, she loses herself in daydreams of fighting the Axis villains. But it's all just in her head -- until the day adventure arrives in the form of an ancient Egyptian scroll! Soon her life is filled with Nazis, mummies, and a penguin with a cold!

Featured cast: Wren Goodman as Betsy McGuyver; Sadie Cassavaugh as Helga, Lucille, Selma, and Eleanor Roosevelt; Christian McDaniel as Mr. Piltdown, Beakman, Hermann Goering, the son, and The Mummy; and Keith Suta as Mr. Announcer, Hitler, the father, and Billy! Sound effects by Marya Cline and Pol Llovet! Music by Rob Robinson!

Recorded live at Bozeman, Montana's Equinox Theatre (now known as the Verge Theater) on June 30, 2012! What you hear is what the audience heard that night with no overdubs and minimal post-production to try to make it comfortable to your ears! In this second season, we began to make our move to entirely live sound effects and this episode contains entirely analog sounds!

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